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Sabato 14 Marzo 2009 09:43

 "something live in the morning

something in the night

you stay

behind my closed eyes

in a warmer




MARS, THE DREAM  oil on table

Andrea Gelici born in Florence 2 March 1956. Always attracted by art in all its shapes obtains the diploma of artistic technical specialization at the Academy the Sprone of Florence in year 1980 under the guide of master Otello Scacciati . Dedicated to the design and portrait until the beginning of years 90 evolves through the oil and the watercolor until the mixed technique on table "FLORENCE OF MY PAINTED DAYS" A city of ancient memories, made of alleys and views, lives again in colors and light of an age suspended between old and the new one.


And it is a world that belongs to those memories, to years lived intensely, in the sign of the impression and painted figure like in a story that firm on the table the  taste of every days. A romantic age, mirror of a personal work give to the artist the ability to invent every time to surprise and to be surprised in the light "of the shape and the color" in one personal style to the search of modules and concepts evolved in the sensibility of the dream and the new.






 The wind raised red banners of nozzles men and chess in the small squad of the life

 you move for first without the colors white

 you move and waiting for in the library.

Then only a dry coughing

eyes in the eyes

 pawns between the fingers

the white moves the voice between the songs becomes a scream

and all in us quieted down.



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